Website Design

As both a Creative Director and Design Contractor, David has designed and managed web sites for the most prominent educational publishers in the marketplace, including Scholastic, McGraw-Hill, Harcourt Education, and Dorling Kindersley.


Connected Learning®

Designed and implemented the global corporate website for Harcourt Connected Learning.


Connected University®

Rebranded and redesigned Connected University, one of Classroom Connect's online curriculum offerings.


Connected eNewsletter®

Designed the online version of The Connected Newsletter, implemented by a third party vendor.


Dorling Kindersley®

Prototyped and designed the U.S. web presence for Dorling Kindersley, Inc.


Scholastic Network®

Designed numerous web sites hosted by The Scholastic Network, Scholastic's subscription based online educational offering.


Time Warner's

Designed numerous websites for ParentTime, a groundbreaking parenting site offered by Time Warner, Inc.


Blast from the Past!

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Fine Art

Check out this section to see examples of works in more traditional media: painting, drawing, and sculpture.