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David Koetke [ket][kee] is a digital media creative professional with over 20 years experience leading the design and development of cutting edge software applications, internet-based products and services, and interactive online experiences for high profile clients in the technology marketplace.

Focused on the creation and delivery of robust and engaging experiences for specific target audiences, he specializes in achieving results through exceptional purpose-driven design. Click through the portfolio section to explore some examples.



Connected Learning

Designed and implemented the global corporate website for Harcourt Connected Learning.


McGraw-Hill Mathematics, YES!

Designed the world's first online convergent Professional Development courses from a major educational publisher.


Children's Encyclopedia

Designed the packaging artwork for Dorling Kindersley's award-winning software title.


eSchool® Online 4.0

Defined and designed the world's first convergent online learning software platform which became a core PD product of three different organizations.


Blast from the Past!

Click the orange binder.


Fine Art

Check out this section to see examples of works in more traditional media: painting, drawing, and sculpture.